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Innovative News -

Slashdot! News for Nerds!
Computer World Mmmmmmm new computer research... sooo.. yummmy...
Wired Magazine Lots of science articles
NewScientist More science stuff
MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies Ehancing Soldier Survivability

Personal -

Zuratog's Site Programmer extraordinaire from UCONN
Ophelia's Lair Beware the truth...
A True computer nerds site! Check out his dynamic links section!! very well done
The Rover Another UCONN expert, this one with robots and fire prevention!! muwahaha

Info Everyone Should Know -

Electronic Ink 1 2 3 4 5 Movies on a piece of paper???
Cheap Perfect Diamonds Imagine the CPUs.....
NanoTubes These will change our world eventually..
Quantum Computing Computers made of water.. imagine that..
Female Hacky Sackers! They are so much better than i could ever be.. All of the videos are impressive to watch!

Info Only I Care About -

Java 1.4.2 docs So very useful..
Pricewatch Cheap.. things..
AldosTools-DDR Drivers for DDR pads

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