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MMmmmm Desire...
A small page dedicated to the wants of the Viniconis family.


I would love a professional hacky sack.. it's something i do in my spare time, and i've never had a really good one.. Not sure where to get one? Here you go!!
Axe Hammer Footbag - mmmmm droolworthy

I have been playing a lot of DDR of late, and i would like a really nice pad. I already have one so you won't find me upgrading anytime soon, but i REALLY want a new one!! The BNS Ultra DX-Xteme Dance Pad is a great great pad, the best i've ever used!
BNS Ultra DX-Xteme Dance Pad - Best out there

Things i Got/Ordered -

Thanks Dad!
Since i have been juggling in my spare time for a while now, i would relly love a way to directly benifit from my juggling. Weighted balls are supposed to be a great way to keep the upper body in shape, as well as be fun for me! The heavier the better, and here is an example!!
ExerBalls - A great workout!!

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